Turning blind to cyber security will only get you closer to data vulnerability, are you wanting to take that risk? We are Bluenet Microsystems the top name in the cyber security companies providing you end-to-end IT Security Solutions. Bluenet Microsystems is a cyber security services provider company that expertise in a range of investigative and defendant security solutions. We are cyber security expert team that has know-how and futuristic technology background and knowledge to provide your business internal internet based operations with un-hackable security. Modern cyber threats are thus fought on unbending technology solutions helping you have a care-free corporate business life. Design expertise, optimal security solutions allow us to provide you Cyber Security as a Services to secure your operations. Our cyber security solutions include cyber security advisory, realistic hacking simulation, organizational training, in-depth investigations, cyber security evaluation. Our core competence is in domains of healthcare, telecommunication, financial services, industry manufacturing etc.


Smart Security Operations Center

Go a step ahead of your current security potential and live in the enriched and modern security solutions. Experience the true -smart at our security operations center. Easy to adapt and monitor, actively responding to cyber incidents, gathering and analysing intelligent system on important security aspects and so on.

Cyber Security Evaluation

We at Bluenet Microsystems sensitively works to identify any flaws and loopholes in your cyber defences of your organizations. By evaluating potential threats, we are able to lay strong solutions on possible attacks while strengthening your security from within.

Realistic Hacking Simulation

Confidential information and sensitive data are protected at all costs. We provide you pragmatic IT solutions for protecting your confidential information. Ethical hacking is used to secure your organization process, data and internal information form cyber world threats.

Employee Training

IT Security Solutions are used and placed in integral parts for enforcing and maintaining superior cyber security mechanism for any organization. It becomes important to educate and train your staff to contribute and support security endlessly in that process.



1. Regression audit: Close security speculations of your website.
2. Remediate: Fixtures in code deficiencies.
3. Reports: Give you a complete information on the important changes.
4. High Level Security: We provide you ultimate cyber security solutions.
5. Scan & Detect: Detection of security breaches and fix them.
6. Exploit: Prevention from data exploitation.
7. Cyber Crime Consultancy: Continuous connection for securing data.
8. POC with the Instructions: Feasibility is rendered.
9. Manual Testing: Cyber Security as a Service with quality.
10. Vulnerability Patching Support: Decrease the vulnerability security is achieved.
11. Priority Based Auditing: Share with us your needs, vision, priorities.
12. Annual Security Reports: Transparency in process, annual reports are shared.



Data security and secrecy are the one of the major needs of the Healthcare sector. We at Bluenet Microsystems thus always keep you one step ahead of these global regulations by providing you a well-integrated and secure internal software system protecting your patient private data and internal working.

Our Service-based Organizations

We approach your needs by consulting you about your very needs. Here you can leverage innovative IT solutions to get deeper understanding of the current processes, use of technology and to improve your security. Thus, with IT Solutions you are able to get through the complex needs.

Industry Systems

Use of cyber security as service allow you to take control of your system and physical assets, management of automated operations and security, industrial operations and other security and protection needs. Industrial cyber security solutions, especially new-age industries needs and requirements.


Going digital and providing banking and finance services online require a lot of measures and layered data and process security needs. We provide you digital channels for the sake of users and your internal process to keep transactions always secure and cyberattack proof.


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