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Hidden Gum Spy Camera DVR - (=N=13,599)

Hidden Gum Spy Camera DVR Features


Chewing gum mini dvr camera
1. Resolution:640*480
2. Voice recording
3. 30FPS

Cameras are shrinking in size. The chewing gum sized mini dvr camera fits in to a chewing gum wrapper to keep it hidden. It has a one touch record button which allows you to quickly snap pictures or start the camcorder rolling to grab that evidence you need. Video is recorded on to a 8GB Micro SD card in 3gp format which can record 15 frames per second with 33 hours of recording storage. The battery is charged via USB which also allows transfer of video files. As well as recording video the camera can be used as a USB mass storage device. The lens is a 3.6mm wide angle allowing some pretty good capture.

The Gum Spy Camera is a Micro Camera and DVR (Digital AV Recorder)


3)Tiny size makes it ideal for a variety of uses.
4)It's great for use as a hidden cam etc
5)Realtime recording in 3GP video format
6)Color video with voice you clearly see who's there and hear what they say.
7)Place it up high or conceal it down low. with built-in rechargeable battery so there's no long cord for you to hide
8)Use micro SD card from 128MB to 8GB
9)Playback video on cell phone or PC

Camera Technical Parameter

- Video Compression: 3GP video format,176X144
- Voice recording: Yes
- Internal Memory: No
- Micro SD card/T-Flash card support:128MB to 8GB
- Video File size:>500KB per minute
- Recording Mode:Continuous recording until memory is full or manuallly off
- Adaptor Type: USB adaptor charging cable
- Battery Type:Lithium-ion
- Record Time:Up to 2 hours.


- User Manual
- USB Cable

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